Victory Energy Portfolio

Our Victory Energy portfolio includes two properties that comprise more than 211,828 square feet on over 45 acres of real estate in Collinsville and Cushing, Oklahoma.

 Founded in 1999, the Tenant Victory Energy Operations ("VEO") ( is a leading supplier of steam generating equipment and services to the utility, institutional, food, refinery, chemical, biomass, and pulp/paper industries. Known for its innovative products, VEO's customers include clients like Cargill, Heinz, Nestle, Cummins, NASA, and British Petroleum. VEO provides its customers with stacks, economizers, blowdown heat recovery systems, control systems, and ductwork. In short, VEO is a single source solution that provides its customers with every boiler part they might require for their steam generation needs. VEO's operations include facilities comprising multiple cranes, pyramid rolls, computer-operated plasma cutting tables, plate shears, press brakes, hem saws, and submerged arc welders.

VEO is owned by New York based private equity fund Saw Mill Capital.

Collinsville, Oklahoma

  • Asset Type                Manufacturing and Office
  • Year Built                  2004 and 2015
  • Square Feet               138,431±
  • Land Area                 29.95 acres ±
  • Occupancy                100%
  • Tenant                       Single Tenant - VEO
  • Lease Type                Triple Net

Cushing, Oklahoma

  • Asset Type                Industrial Manufacturing
  • Year Built                  1984 and 2007
  • Square Feet               73,397±
  • Land Area                 15.13 acres ±
  • Occupancy                100%
  • Tenant                       Single Tenant - VEO
  • Lease Type                Triple Net