Our Beacon property comprises more than 56,125 square feet on over 17 acres of real estate in Beacon, New York.

Our Tenant, ReCommunity Recycling ("ReCommunity"), works with businesses and community partners to recover discarded natural resources destined for landfills and then converts them into clean, efficient, and cost competitive commodities, products, and energy. ReCommunity currently works with 32 communities in 14 states to process 1.8 million tons of commodities each year.

ReCommunity's facilities employ innovative single-stream processing and are designed to handle multi-material processing, including: paper, plastics, glass, and various metals. As is customary with recycling plants, it took three years to obtain regulatory approvals to build the Beacon facility, and such approvals serve as a significant barrier to entry for competitors. In 2012, ReCommunity invested $7.5 million to build and install state-of-the-art sorting equipment in the Beacon facility, which now processes recyclable materials received from businesses and communities throughout the Greater Hudson Valley and Connecticut.

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Beacon, New York

  • Asset Type                Industrial Manufacturing
  • Year Built                  2012
  • Square Feet              56,125±
  • Land Area                 17.10 acres ±
  • Occupancy               100%
  • Tenant                       Single Tenant - ReCommunity
  • Lease Type                Triple Net